The organization progressively runs thematic projects to ful fill its mission and objectieves.Current Projects include:

The Right to clean and safe environment:

Advocate for environment sustainability in developing and implementing priorites for present and future generations including urgent response to climate change cries with specific attention to socio-economic, cultural and indigenous conditions for ecological integrity and climate change and all natural resources in Uganda.

The to right promoting social and Economic Rights;

Under this project, C.R.I.P advocates for legal and policy reform, engages in  strategic litigation, capacity building for communities and policy makers, and promotes community awareness and participation through ensuring access to information.


The right to Education:

Recognizing that this is one of the few social and economic rights clearly articulated under the Ugandan Constitution the project aims at promoting inclusive and quality education for poor and marginalized groups especially and child and persons with disabilities (PWDs)

The right to Health

The right to health is a primary concern for all individuals regardless of social status. It is a right that is inextricably liked with the realization of all other rights and usually forms the basis for the enjoyment of other rights . We therefore adopt a broad definition of the right to health that includes all other determines of health such as the right to a clean and healthy environment, shelter and access to safer water.

Making Local Government Work:

The project aims at promoting local government accountability and enhancing citizen participation in the demand for accountability and formulation of policies to achieve equitable,efficient and effective service delivery in the areas of health, water, sanitation services.