Hope in Communities

Who We are 

Community Restoration Initiative Project is a strategic indigenous, Independent, not for-profit , Human Rights and Gender Equality national Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded in 2003. It is legally registered as an NGO with the NGO board ministry of Internal affairs government of Uganda with its headquarters based in Iganga District.

We make short and long term commitments to communities by embracing both indigenous and scientific knowledge community driven initiative through the development of partnership based on mutual respect and trust. With an aim of fostering the development of sustainable and effective participatory communities in Uganda.Read More

Our Projects

The organization progressively runs thematic projects to ful fill its mission and objectieves.Current Projects include:

 The Right to clean and safe environment:

Advocate for environment sustainability in developing and implementing priorites for present and future generations including urgent response to climate change cries with specific attention to socio-economic, cultural and indigenous conditions for ecological integrity and climate change and all natural resources in Uganda.

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Our Objectives

To build a strong and sustainable community movement in Uganda.

To promote respect for rule of law, democracy and  Human rights.

To advocate for gender equaliaty in government laws, policies and programs.

To provide a form for all and other marginalizes groups to influence through dialogue and negotiation.

To educate and create awareness within the communitie of their basic human rights and duties guaranteed in Uganda

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